my story

the joy in looking back

If you're like me, you enjoy looking back at photos. But have you ever thought, "why?" I'll come back to this. 

I loved the physical act of taking a photo since childhood. I not only experienced a thrill by composing the photo, but when I was looking at the back of my camera afterwards, I felt emotion. Whether it was a fun family moment or majestic landscape, time was frozen. I looked back and experienced the feelings I had at that moment. Those emotions ranged from joy, adoration, or sheer awe and that is why I love photography. That is why, to this day, I love taking photos- because I am capturing emotion and creating a tangible memory. Is that not why you like looking back at old photos as well? 

With time I learned I love all things classic and vintage. These two staples are inspirations for me and I am constantly learning to keep my mind active. 

Outside of photography I love reading, traveling, and music. My puppy Sophie keeps me quite busy and if I had my choice I would eat sushi everyday.